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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Battery rejuvination on a veho kuzo 001 hd camcorder in Technical; I have a number of brand new veho kuzo cameras that are now required to work, which have failed to ...
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    Battery rejuvination on a veho kuzo 001 hd camcorder

    I have a number of brand new veho kuzo cameras that are now required to work, which have failed to charge on the basis that the batteries are 'too flat' ie, they have been flattened over a period of over a year and register 0 volts on a multimeter.

    I have gone to our science department and borrowed a power supply. I removed the battery from the camera and attached the power leads to the + and - terminals for about a minute supplying 9v, after which the battery is registering just over 3v (battery is rated at 3.7v) after which puting the camera on it's charger results in the camera charging successfully.

    I used the bench supply, but you could just as easilly use another adapter rated at a similar voltage, or even a 9v battery.

    I've used this technique to rescue a number of other batteries including a model helicopter and several mobile phones... useful thing to remember.

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    OK what happens is if the battery voltage drops below .2v then it is very difficult due to low resistance of the battry to get it up on the normal charger but what you do have to be careful of is if your supply (the one you use to in effect overpower it) is capable of high curent it may cause the battry to presurise due to gassing within and may be liable to explode so please be careful, they make quite a mess and would injur you if you where holding it!

    But as you say with care yes you can help it, i will also mention once it has done this it is more likly to do it again.

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