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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Projector and whiteboard vs all-in-one in Technical; Hi there. We're in a position where we've had 3 projector failures in the last two months. One of these ...
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    Projector and whiteboard vs all-in-one

    Hi there. We're in a position where we've had 3 projector failures in the last two months. One of these being a Smart Unifi 45 which my colleague has sent for repair. To be honest it is a nice projector and does produce a quality image however, I personally do not like the 'all-in-one' smart systems. I say this because when/if they go wrong, it is very difficult to obtain a replacement projector to fit them making the whole projector arm/beam useless. Whereas with a traditional poll on the ceiling, the mount is pretty standard and as long as you get a projector with the right throw then your on to a winner.

    I've been asked to get some quotes for an interactive whiteboard in a new classroom and just wondered which way to go. I know my colleague likes the all-in-one systems so I need to persuade him if possible to go the other way, depending on the feedback from you guys.


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    I'd go for seperate for the reasons you mentioned much more flexible - once an all-in-one projector is discontinued you're stumped.
    I believe a seperate system usually works out cheaper.

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    Definately go for seperate. Those Smart Unifi 45 projectors fail all the time due to colour wheel overheating as they had rubbish cooling systems (the repair guy who came to service it told me they are cr@p without my asking!).

    With seperate, you can replace a projector or board easily, and different makes/model won't matter.

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    It depends on your uses really. If you require the height adjustablility that an all-in-one system can offer then you have no real option in the projection market.
    Casio's are always good if your going to stand alone, no lamps, long life etc.
    Alternatively, interactive LCD's are always good (CleverTouch etc.) but do tend to have more expensive initial costs. Pros being better quality image, no maintenance etc. Can get height adjustable wall brackets for some of these also do weigh a bit so ideally a solid wall.

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    Hi Unifi 45 was never a nice projector along with the Unifi 55 it was one of the worst i have ever seen, all you have to do is replace it with an Hitachi Ultra close somthing like the 221 so you can do away with the dredful pole as well.
    NEVER buy a DLP projector for a school they do not stand up to the constant running, the polerising disk spins at around 5000 RPM it age hardens and eventually shatters redering the unit only fit for the dustbin, i am supprised someone says they can repair it??? i suspect it will be swapped and you will get another unit back maybe in the same case (old stock) .

    I would because of price recomend board and projector the all in one are not big enough and are not cost effective over a long term, divide their life buy the cost comper to projector you will find they are about double.

    Projector Engineer

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