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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, demo cameras for food tech classroom in Technical; hi all we are having our food tech classrooms completely refurbished in summer and we want to make use of ...
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    demo cameras for food tech classroom

    hi all

    we are having our food tech classrooms completely refurbished in summer and we want to make use of some video/cctv cameras so that the teachers demo area e.g. worktop and hob are shown on the projector. I am thinking of 2 cameras mounted on the ceiling that are zoomed in/focused on the two separate areas (above worktop and above hob) then the video source will be an input on the projector. My question is does anyone have any ideas on what cameras would be best suited for this application the ceiling height is around 3m high and the worktop is about 1.2m off the ground.

    Any help would be great


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    Speak to @bossman I am sure he set something similar up at his place.

  3. Thanks to Sylv3r from:

    bossman (22nd May 2012)

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    We bought one of these

    Lumens DC120 UXGA Visual Presenter - Must run with PC, USB power (DC120) - www.misco.co.uk
    Lumens DC-A11 Wireless Base Unit (DC-A11) - www.misco.co.uk

    Pricey but works really well, you can't sadly hook it up to your existing wireless infrastructure but using the dongle provided it works really really well, the range is excellent and you can put it anywhere in the room. We started off with a fixed dome camera but just found this was a much more flexible solution all round.

    Comes with some really quite nice (but basic) software for doing recordings, time lapse, image capture and desktop annotation too.

    PS I notice this is available now too http://www.misco.co.uk/Product/18842...ess-Visualiser have no experience of it only plus side I can see is 30fps rather than 20fps with the Lumens one but I prefer the gooseneck style of the Lumens one. Lumens had the only wireless one when I was looking previously which is why we bought that one
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