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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Ceiling mounted visualiser suppliers and installers? in Technical; Has anyone had a visualiser installed in their school recently? Our art department are keen to have one but I ...
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    Ceiling mounted visualiser suppliers and installers?

    Has anyone had a visualiser installed in their school recently?

    Our art department are keen to have one but I don't know a great deal about them!

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    Hi - Visualisers are basically a digital cam on a bendy stick / adjustable arm we have some Avermedia (300AF - I think!) but they have updated the model range since we got ours.

    The ones we use have got a USB connection so you can hook them up to a PC and take snap shots etc and a VGA in / out that you can connect to a projector / large screen and a PC so its easy to switch between the PC screen and visualiser image.

    They are not cheap but we have them hooked up to every class interactive board and our big projectors in our halls.

    If you are looking for a projector then we have started replacing our sanyo ones that came with the promethean IWBs we use with the casio ones that dont have bulbs or filters (XJ-M150). We havent had them very long but so far we are very happy with them. They are expensive but it makes sense when you take into account the cost of the lamps for normal projectors.

    We haven't had any new projector installations for some time so I can't really recommend anyone to fit the projectors for you but I'm sure someone will post some suggestions.

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    We have a couple around school some cheap ones and some expensive ones. I dont know how often they get used though.

    Our art dept wanted one until we asked what it was going to be used for and the teacher saw the price of them, so we ended up buying a decent manual focus web cam and straping it to a desk lamp. Thats all he wanted to do with it and is happy with the way it works.

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    Wolfvision used to manufacture a ceiling mounted visualised, maybe they still do? Top end pricing but equally very high quality

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