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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, smartboard revered issue in Technical; Have just had to replace a pc. Old that died smartbaord was working fine on. On the new pc when ...
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    smartboard revered issue

    Have just had to replace a pc. Old that died smartbaord was working fine on. On the new pc when you move pen or even just using toucjh the board thinks you want to go opposite way. So up is down and left is right etc.

    running 10.8

    win 7 fully patched.

    I can tell tools to reverse H and V which does seem to make it work with out ink layer. as soonas i then pick up a pen its reveresed.

    Need real help with this as spending too much time trying to sort this. Costing me money now..

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    It sounds like you might need to turn-off the single-finger panning option in Windows 7.
    If that doesn't work try calling Steljes (SMART's UK distributor) for help. They're on 08450 724999.

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