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    Hello All,

    Just came accross this company via a story on BoingBoing:

    promise.tv - The BEST way to watch Freeview

    They would seem to be offering a device capable of recording all Freeview channels for a week, which compares with ClickView's 24-7 device. The Promise.TV costs from around £2,000 - can anyone who's bought a ClickView device recently tell me how that compares on price?

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    Not really comparable

    This device has a surface similarity to the Clickview 24/7. Yes they both record multiple stations and store them for a limited period (24/7 does so for longer and at a higher quality) but otherwise they are chalk and cheese. Here are a few of the differences:

    Clickview 24/7 transfers programs to the Clickview library where they become available to all computers attached to the school LAN. This device can support only 4 TVs which must be physically attached to the device. That is clearly very limiting.

    Clickview library manager enables editing of the program (do you want to show the kids that Coke ad or station promo?). It also records subtitles and that greatly improves the 'searchability' of the program.

    Shows recorded on a 24/7 can be uploaded and viewed online at home on your computer or Apple device and inserted into your LMS.

    The 24/7 hardware specs are superior and it appears that its software is more advanced than what the Promise offers.

    I'm not sure what the current 24/7 costs but it is certainly a fair bit more expensive. But, as I've said, they are not really comparable products.

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