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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Ipad2 > Apple TV > VGA Projector - Possible ??? in Technical; Our ICT Teacher would like to carry the iPad around the class and use it to demonstrate and project work ...
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    Ipad2 > Apple TV > VGA Projector - Possible ???

    Our ICT Teacher would like to carry the iPad around the class and use it to demonstrate and project work etc as teachers do...

    We already have an iPad2 and have just bought an "Apple TV" as it can mirror the display over wireless, but the problem is that the projector is only xvga with a VGA input. The Apple TV has a HDMI output.

    Has anyone managed to do this? I have also ordered a HDfury "hdmi to VGA adaptor" but have been reading that some people have been having problems due to the 720i output resolution output of the apple tv not being compatible with the projector! Im also ready stories of apple adding a new protection to the rev 2 fw not allowing protected content playing.

    Any success stories mirroring the iPad to a VGA projector?
    Or maybe an alternative solution?

    HDfury 1080P HDMI to VGA Converter Transcoder: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

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    This seems to be a pretty good summary of options.
    I'd be interested to hear what you try as well ...

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    We tried and tested HD Fury II with apple TV, ipad with VGA projector and it worked fine, just had to correct aspect ratio once all connected. Proved to be a pain if someone wanted to use the only VGA in on the projector for the PC though, cause you had to disconnect it all, and cant really expect teachers to unplug everything and re plug everything in correctly. But that was the only issue.
    Price was a bit steep as well really but we are starting to phase out the old projectors and ensure new ones have HDMI input which makes it a lot easier and works very well.

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    I have tired few solutions;

    Apple VGA adapter, work fine but teacher is not mobile he can use on only on his desk.

    Apple TV with HDMI supported projector, work perfect but unfortunately there are only few projectors in school support HDMI.

    Third party HDMI to VGA + Composite convertor, failed. Didn't work at all.

    Doceri Remote app, it is nice app you can control your desktop/laptop, can use interactive tools with projector, teacher is mobile but can't show your iPads apps on projector.

    Looking forward to try Smart Bridgit app, Smart Technology app found at BETT.

    Now I am looking the way to access staff/pupils home folders on iPad.

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