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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Xibo - Strange Issues in Technical; Morning folks, Just looking for a bit Xibo help. I have three clients, all running the latest version of Xibo ...
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    Xibo - Strange Issues

    Morning folks,

    Just looking for a bit Xibo help. I have three clients, all running the latest version of Xibo Client - 2 x Asus Eee Box (1 running XP Pro, 1 running Win 7 Pro), and a Dell OP 980 running XP Pro. I have two servers, both running the latest client - 1 x Server 2003 and 1 x Ubuntu.

    So I think it's fair to say I'm trying all sorts to get this working, but whatever client/server combination I use, I'm having a problem loading Xibo Client. The first time I load it, it takes a while to load while it downloads the resources from the server. It then loads, but is hit or miss on whether it shows all the content of the template - it might show it all, it might not load certain elements (randomly), it might load nothing but the background.

    Plus when I make a simple change, such as dragging an existing element to a new area, it won't update until I delete the library and reload the client. Then even when I do this, it's the same as before - it might load everything, it might load some, it might load nothing but the background.

    Because it happens on all the clients I thought it was a problem with the server, so that's why I tried it on both 2003 and Ubuntu. Still happening, so possibly a problem with the template, but I can't put my finger on what. I've tried removing elements and can't fathom it.

    Anybody come across this or know what it might be?

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    Sometimes updates take a while to get to the clients, anything up to 15 minutes.

    I have some weird issues when the system clocks where out of sync between the clients and servers.

    I assume you've checked the network connection is reliable?

    Does any of the content come from sources that need authenticating? Are any of the content files large, and not transferring in time? What sort of content is it?
    Have you tried recreating the template from scratch, and adding things one by one to see if they cause a problem.

    We have a similar setup (7 screens with Eee Box PCs) running of of a ubuntu server. We get the occasional crash on the clients, but generally things work ok.

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    I've noticed similar things with my setup (just moved to a IIS with PHP install from my Ubuntu one to keep things centralised using our old server whilst it still has life for the Intranet). I find that when I add a new client / new layout, that the clients sometimes only pull a half set back. But then, on a reboot of the client and a bit of a wait (our clients are on low priority Wireless so .......) most of the stuff comes online and it works fine.

    The only issues I have are when the client loses Wireless connection and it just sits, so if I update something it doesn't, but again that's fixed by a quick reboot.

    As has been suggested above, create a template from scratch, add a bit of content and see if that sorts the issue out, the other thing to try is to duplicate your current layout and then set that as the default layout to see if that forces a refresh of the local library on the client.

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