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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Xibo digital signage - how to introduce it to staff in Technical; Hi all, I am just in the process of configuring Xibo digital signage for our school. I am just starting ...
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    Xibo digital signage - how to introduce it to staff

    Hi all,

    I am just in the process of configuring Xibo digital signage for our school.

    I am just starting to think about the best way to introduce this to the admin staff that are actually going to do the administration and put up the daily notices etc.

    Has anyone got any tips on how to make things as easy as possible for the staff that will do the admin? I understand that it may be possible to create a user with restricted access so that they dont see all the menu's etc, but I have not quite worked out how to do this yet.

    What about Styles for inputting the text? Is it possible to personalise these and save our own styles? We will be using white text on our setup and have noticed that annoyingly the text editors background is also white so it can make things a little confusing for those people who are not 100% confident in thier IT abilities!

    Any tips on making it as easy to possible for non IT staff to use would be appreciated.

    many thanks

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    I contemplated giving access to our staff to update the content on our XIBO system, but after looking at it the staff I had in mind would never have managed!

    If we can simplify in, then we will probably go down that route, but at the minute its not taking us too long to manage.

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    I don't have multiple users I do it all myself so I haven't looked at the permissions and multiple users, Xibo is a great bit of free software and the support has been fantastic considering its open source so I guess it would be as intuitive with the user control. (cant be any worse than magic info, ugh!) As with anything start small, maybe give each member of staff their own template and create the regions for them, they just need to add text and images. If they get it wrong you can un-schedule the template until its sorted. Ideally a non production test setup maybe client and server running locally on a machine (virtualbox setup maybe?) so they can go in and break it and have a play without any consequences.

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