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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Adobe Premier Elements Problem - Video not showing in Technical; Hey all, We have a strange problem with Adobe Premier Elements 7.0 the students are adding in their video clips ...
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    Adobe Premier Elements Problem - Video not showing

    Hey all,

    We have a strange problem with Adobe Premier Elements 7.0 the students are adding in their video clips which are .avi which I have been told is Adobe's preferred file type, they can see the thumbnails in the organiser however when they preview the video clip or add it into the timeline they cannot see any video only hear the audio. In the timeline you can see the waves/spikes (don't know if thats the correct term) in the audio line but there is nothing in the video line. My colleague who is dealing with it has said that it works if we do use a local log in on a machine so he believes it is network related however we don't want to give the students local log ins but can as a last minute resort so they can upload them to the exam board. We are using Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows XP Pro as our OS and it is Adobe Premier Elements 7.0 which I believe was locally installed.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, as always!


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    We've had very similar problems with Premiere Elements on a network. After a lot of trial and error (along with frustrated students and staff!) it seems that everything works as it should if we log on to the machines as administrators, exactly as you describe. Does it continue to work and just play the audio, or crash with the 'Premiere has encountered an error' message?

    Do you use mandatory or roaming profiles for your students? Or redirected application data? This seemed to be the cause of a lot of our problems.

    We configured a new group policy based on our existing students policy, which does not have the redirected application data setting.

    Using a WMI filter, we then set this policy to only apply when a student logs on to a machine with Premiere installed (we only have 20 licences) - therefore on any other machine in the college they get the normal mandatory profile.

    Its also worth setting up a folder (can be done via group policy) on the C: drive of the machine, which the students can see and have full control of. This will allow premiere to write preview files to the local drive rather than the network, which will greatly increase performance. However, this does mean that students need to use the same machine for the duration of their project, as all their files will be local.

    On ours, we also make sure the students set a few settings in the software itself. When you create a new project, make sure you are using PAL settings rather than NTSC.

    Once you have created a project, we found that a few more settings helped things even further. All under Edit --> Preferences:

    General - Unitck 'Background Rendering' and 'Enable GPU Playback'

    Scratch Discs - Set each option to the local folder you created on the C: drive.

    Click OK, and you will be prompted to save and re-open the project to apply the settings.

    All the above seems to have worked for us, but involved a lot of trial, error and testing!

    Hope everything makes sense - let us know how you get on!


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