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    Smart Notebook Win 7 64bit error

    I am using an older SB650 and I am having issues with the smart driver software.

    I have installed the latest driver, but this does not work with Win 7 64bit - no board seen and red light on. I Installed the older drivers and “touch” works on the screen and I can write with the pens on the Win7 desktop. Smart notebook will not work - when this is run I can select different pens so touch works but I cant write or draw on the board.

    Is there a fix??


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    Ensure you're logged in with local administration rights and permissions and have current updates recommended by Microsoft Update installed. You will want to also have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client and Visual C++ 2008 and 2010 installed. Also confirm in System Configuration (msconfig.exe) you have normal bootup rather than selective or diagnostic bootup selected.

    Then try manualling uninstalling all the SMART software listed in Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. The run Education Software 2011 to reinstall SMART Notebook, SMART Product Drivers and Common Files: visit smarttech.com and select Support > Downloads > "10.8 for Windows" under SMART Notebook. If the issue persists, contact SMART Support directly by phone or web form.
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