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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Starboard Calibration in Technical; Hi all, We are having problems with calibration of the Whiteboard with CC4/Windows 7. Everytime a user logs on they ...
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    Starboard Calibration

    Hi all,

    We are having problems with calibration of the Whiteboard with CC4/Windows 7. Everytime a user logs on they have to re-calibrate the board no matter even if they just log off/back on again - it is driving the teachers mad!! We are running software, driver and document capture are all at v9.32.

    Has anyone else had this problem and if so, are you able to provide me with a working solution. Currently investigating the latest version, but feel reluctant to believe that it will sort the problem!! Please help


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    When the SMART Board is connected to your computer, the Orientation data is saved to the registry or the Firmware of the SMART Board, depending on the type of Orientation. You would need to delete the data stored for this on the computer and try reorienting the SMART Board. This will ensure this is not a software issue. Please open the registry editor by clicking start then RUN and type in regedit then click ok


    Once the registry editor is open navigate to this location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SMART Technologies Inc.\SMART Board Software, once there delete any key entries that have the word Board #, this will erase any settings associated with the specific board that is plugged into your computer


    To delete the registration data from the firmware of the SMART Board you can use a pen from the pen tray to reset the controller by pressing the blue button on the side of your board.


    This is for Smartboards but the regedit might be something you want to check on the starboard. Sounds most likely option if orientation doesnt save.

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