Having a few issues with LDAP authenitcation with Resourcespace - i want to use the option for groupbased creation (students get fewer rights than staff - depending on what AD group they are in)

i can set it (using config.php) so that all users can log in and are created as general user, but i want staff to have higher rights to upload and edit etc...

i have set the groups but get the error "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\resourcespace\plugins\posixlda pauth\hooks\all.php line 70: Undefined offset: 0"

so i have changed hooks\all.php to read:

"if ($ldapauth['groupbased']){
$match = true;"
this gives the error:

"C:\inetpub\wwwroot\resourcespace\plugins\posixlda pauth\hooks\all.php line 86: Undefined index: usergroup"

any ideas what could be wrong - i can post up copies of the config if needed and also hooks\all.php

any ideas anyone