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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Sanyo Pro X Projector power up problem in Technical; I have just put a brand new bulb into this Sanyo Pro X Multiverse PLC-SW30 projector but I cant get ...
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    Sanyo Pro X Projector power up problem

    I have just put a brand new bulb into this Sanyo Pro X Multiverse PLC-SW30 projector but I cant get it to power up. I have a power light - red and the bulb warning light as orange, but projector will not start up. . I have randomly held 1 or 2 buttons down and pushed reset tab at the back to no avail.

    Any one with any ideas? Before I return replacement lamp, anything I should try first?

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    had the bulb failed in it? if so unplug the unit for a few minutes and then replug it, sometimes it takes a while before the unit will be happy to try and strike the lamp again after it has had a failed one in it. failing that call sanyo, they are generally very helpful

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    Hi do you get any fan noise, it sounds like the trip has popped, the feed to the ballest unit has a thermal trip and if a lamp is over run or damaged it can pop the trip so will need resetting or replacing, tell me what model is it as pro x is a range, it should have a model number on the lable PRM-xxxx , also give me the serial i will tell you if it is under warrenty (yes i know your in Aus).

    Projector Engineer

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    Have you reset the lamp hours? as this sound slike the projector wont start till you have reset the lamp hours can be found in user manual or you should have a little booklet with the replacement lamp that will tell you how to reset the hours.

    we sell projector lamps and this is a common problem people phone us as the projectors dont work but then when they reset the lamp hours it switches on. Some projectors do this others just turn on as normal and you reset in the menu.

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