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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, LED Projectors suggestions? in Technical; Can anyone suggest more LED projectors like the casio? Or are the casio the top dog in this area? merci...
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    LED Projectors suggestions?

    Can anyone suggest more LED projectors like the casio? Or are the casio the top dog in this area?


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    I believe Casio were the first and the others are / were playing catch up but a quick google shows plenty of alternatives. Iíve just ordered our first LED and have gone for a Casio model it seemed to make sense when taking into account the cost of the lamps.

    I havenít actually seen one in operation yet so Iím hoping the image quality is ok, but almost anything would be better than the one itís replacing which is end of life at ~5 years, its not bright enough ~1500 Lumens, has a poor contrast ratio and needs a new lamp.

    The only problem I have is that we are a promethean school and they bundle sanyo with everything so the lens is in the wrong position. I might need to have the pole moved but Iím hoping I can get around that.

    The one I ordered is approx the same cost as the last sanyo we ordered and wont need any lamps so I thought it was worth a shot especially as we are having problems with 2 of the last 4 sanyos we purchased.

    Only thing I would suggest is to avoid the slim line models Casio may have fixed the problems but I believe there were issues with them overheating.

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    The Casio's are great projectors. Think we have nearly 30 of them now and we think they are great.

    That's a mixture of the A series and M series. As much as people mention the A series have overheating issues, we've never suffered from that problem.

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    There are other options but Casio seems to be top of the tree

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    The company I work for have installed a load of Casio's at various schools. They are the best thing out there at the moment. We have never had any mention of any overheating issues.

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