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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Self-contained video file and player in Technical; Hi all, long time without posting but have come against a problem. We are looking to create some video content ...
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    Self-contained video file and player

    Hi all, long time without posting but have come against a problem.

    We are looking to create some video content for our website and want the parents to be able to download the videos as well as being able to watch them online. At the moment the videos are flash files which works brilliantly for being able to view them online - but obviously not for download. In order to download the videos we wish to create a "branded" player with links back to the school website, etc, without branding the actual video. I'm fairly sure that I have seen this done before using self-contained swf files or similar, but if somebody could point me into the right kind of direction it would be very much appreciated. The download files must run cross platform (PC/Mac/Linux?) if at all possible, whilst at the same time making it as simple as possible for the user (i.e. no installation required etc).


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    I'd say if you want it to be cross platform, you'd need something like Adobe Air. The 'Flash' based ones would require different executables to be created for each OS, but that would be quite quick to create (this page would give some idea of embedding stuff needed Adobe Flash*Professional*CS5*&*CS5.5 * Embed a video file within a Flash file)

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