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    Streaming DVD content

    Good morning

    We have a requirement to stream DVD content (non-copy writen DVDís filmed by our staff and students) across our LAN. We would want the ability to rip a DVD and to stream it with the menu/chapter structure intact and to enable multiple playback Ė preferably without the need for additional players or codecís.

    We would also want to be able to upload and stream other video files in varying formats with similar requirements

    Currently we have been using DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD into seperate files based on the chapter points of the DVD and then to stream the files with unreal media server, but this isnt really the best solution

    What does eveyone else use for this?

    Thank you

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    We merge all videos into one film and stream from a inhouse built media system similar to phpmotion but completly custom written (by a 14 year old) with ldap logins etc and is all seperated out by subjects etc

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    Do you have the facility to use VLC Player. It can stream DVD content to any location if you can connect to IP Addresses. Only drawback is that everyone will have to watch at the same time or you'll have to have screening at different times for each class.

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    It isn't streaming you are wanting to do, just to be able to play the DVD from multiple locations at different times - correct?

    Just rip the ISO and store it on a network location, then use VLC to play the ISO directly

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