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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Viseco Touchless Projector Control in Technical; Ok I said I would post once I'd used it in anger and here we go. I have now fully ...
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    Ok I said I would post once I'd used it in anger and here we go.

    I have now fully installed this into our main hall, I had to extend both the psu lead and the lead from the IR sensor and both modifications didn't impair the product in any way.

    One thing I did find when performing the programming is that the button you have to hold in whilst powering the unit on is a bit small.

    Usage as has been described is simplicity itself using you hand just in front of the units capacitive sensor.


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    Briilant web site (except for lack of real info )

    IMO the product itself doesn't come close to being any sort of value for money except in a (user) hostile enviroment

    And the thread seems to have attracted some spamtastic supporters (obviuosly not plexer - he's one of us )


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