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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Streaming Webcam + Digital Signage + Flatscreen TV in Technical; Hi all, I'm going to BETT on Saturday and would like to get some info here before I go, I ...
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    Streaming Webcam + Digital Signage + Flatscreen TV

    Hi all,

    I'm going to BETT on Saturday and would like to get some info here before I go, I noticed EduGeek has the webcams up which is something a bit like we are looking for however the deputy head would like live video streaming not just images being updated every so often.


    - To have a flatscreen TV in our hall broadcasting live video feeds of woodland webcams (nature, birds, foxes etc) the flatscreen tv should also be able to display digital signage and be able to play DVD etc, so I guess it would be connected to a PC/Server by means of a video cable so we can just display whatever the PC/Server shows, that way we have great flexibility.

    - A decent big enough Flatscreen TV (Should not be a problem) – this will be built into the wall and have I guess perplex glass or something in front to prevent it being hit by balls in P.E.
    - Webcams/cctv which will have to be wireless preferably so we can move them around on our onsite woods depending on where there is activity (birds/foxes etc) we wish to broadcast. They must be able to stream video not just images, good quality as they will be displayed on quite a large flat screen TV.
    - Software to display the webcams??? And possibly even embed it into webpages like EduGeek Have done, so we can add comments as to what each webcam is.
    - Digital signage software (maybe Xibo or something) – would be good if it could play the webcams too, that way keep everything together, so I would not have to keep on changing between programs on the PC/Server.
    - A PC/Server which we be able to run all of this and preferbally be on it's seprate network as we already have 2x CCTV networks on our Network already, adding another would bog it down!
    - Anything else ????

    Can someone give me help on who to ask, where to go?

    Any help would be brilliant!


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    Hi Darren

    Our MediaCAT can offer the requirements you have mentioned above.

    For further information please visit:

    Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage:

    Kind Regards

    Navaho Technologies

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