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    Flip camera, Flipshare on school network

    Hi all,

    I'm a NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) in the Birmingham area. I've recently talked the head into purchasing 6 flip ultra 2 cameras for the children to use throughout the school.

    Our IT technician has told us that she cannot install the FLIPshare program for the cameras to the school server as it defaults to the Crive and has also 'refused' to install the program individually on our 13 netbooks (as it will uninstall everytime she updates the system) she also claims there is a license issue despite the fact I have received confirmation we can install the software on as many computers as we need on TWO occasions.

    The only movie editing software we have on the system is Windows movie maker and that does not support the raw .mp4 files the camera produces. I've now spent hours researching this issue and personally believe that installing individually on our 13 netbooks is the best solution, any information would be great, I am beginning to feel a bit silly over the £300+ resource I recommended being unusable



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    Nothing is impossible. There are pro's and con's with this, your technician is correct in that she may have to manually restore the program/settings everytime that she re-builds one of the netbooks and yes this is not ideal, since in the world of ICT most of us are lazy.

    There are methods that can be explored to ensure that these settings remain, but that is really down to your ICT technical staff to explore.

    I have 2 technicians who work for me and we operate a can-do attitude, if a member of staff asks for something, they get it no matter how much trouble. I don't think there is much point approaching your tech support with this, perhaps if you have already done this then maybe it is time to gentle go to the top, get the head's backing perhaps. Remember if you upset an ICT technician they can make your life hell.

    Again being careful not to upset, your LEA should have someone there who has the technical knowledge that could help (printing off these forum responses prob isnt going to help your case too much as they can just say - they dont know what they are talking about)

    I know not exactly helpful, but I hope it gives you a start.

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