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    Lightbulb Digital Signage Solution

    First, I hope this is in the right section. Admin please feel free to move this thread to the correct section. This is my first post here. I figured it was about time I gave back to the community. Any case, back to the subject!

    Iíve been doing R&D on a digital Signage project. Our One-LAN NTB115 gave up the ghost, which was a big shame I can tell you! Glad to see the back of it. (I'm sure the latest versions are fine)

    So Looked at a few options that could provide support for all major formats and provide individual content over the whole site. Also we didnít have too much of a budget, so I stumbled upon this...

    Digital Signage | FREE Professional Digital Signage for everyone

    Adobe Air based, using a very simple interface and full support provide via tutorial video and live chat. Simple campaign and time-line based, which content can be switched at a momentís notice! So far Iím very pleased with the system, just waiting for the TV cards to show up from US so I can complete stage 2 of the project. I have 4 stations all showing different College information and eventually Live TV or a DVD playing over the network. I would be glad to provide some screens and answer any questions

    A big thank you too all of you that helped and encouraged me to continue my FOG Project, with massive success I may add!

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    Did you test out Xibo while evaluating your options? Would be interested to hear how this stacks up against it...

    Had a look at their site and it says 1 free license, which I'm guessing is one per screen?

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