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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Headphone & Mic Extension in Technical; We plan to rennovate an ICT room and wish to store the new desktops under the desks. As part of ...
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    Headphone & Mic Extension

    We plan to rennovate an ICT room and wish to store the new desktops under the desks. As part of their course, students need to use headphones and microphones for the Audio module.

    Does anyone know if a headphone AND microphone extension lead exists, so students don't have to touch the new PC jack sockets?

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    Something like this might be handy (dependent on the type of desks in the IT suite): Multi Desk Hub

    They fit in to the cable hole in the corner of most desks.

    If you're not worried about it being tidy then just get cable extenders with 3.5mm jacks, such as these (obviously you'll need two for each headset): 3.5mm Stereo Extension Lead : Connect 3.5mm : Maplin

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    Maybe you could get USB headphone sets + extensions?

    If you are just looking for the cables bthe est & cheapest bet is to get a few mini-jack extensions cable-tied together with colored tape on the inputs to distinguish mic from headphones.

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