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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Snap! Video Editing software from Digital Blue. Anyone used it? in Technical; Hi Guys, One of the Primary Schools I look after has recently bought about 15 Snap! Video cameras from DigiBlue ...
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    Snap! Video Editing software from Digital Blue. Anyone used it?

    Hi Guys,
    One of the Primary Schools I look after has recently bought about 15 Snap! Video cameras from DigiBlue for the kids to use.

    My problem with it is that it creates a folder on the desktop to import and store the videos in, which for the life of me I cannot change the location. This is bad, as all the pupil logins share the same desktop which is located on the server. It also has a complex registration for all users everytime they log in. It also can't seem to be used in any other program, apart from Snap! Video editor.

    I have contacted Digital Blue asking about changing the default folders aswell as network install, who then sent me the following useful email

    "Thank you for your interest in Digital Blue! Our software was only designed to be installed on an Administrative account on the local PC. This then would allow Limited or Power Users on the local PC to access the software. We unfortunately do not offer network software or support for our products. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you have any other questions, please reply to this e-mail."

    I did reply, but have not recieved any repsonse, even though I have emailed them again, and set up a new support request.

    Anyway has anyone else used this software before, or know of a way to get DigitalBlue cameras to work with something useful like Windows Movie Maker??

    Many Thanks in advance...


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    As I've mentioned on here many times, unfortunately the best thing your friend can do is to return the lot and purchase products which are more suitable for use in schools. That means just about anything that isn't marketed for education, ruling out all the crap like the digi blue stuff, tuffcams, anything like that. The best ones are standard cameras that will show up in my computer like memory cards/usb sticks. Don't worry about useability, the kids will know how to use them before you or I figure them out

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    What we found with these is if you plug the USB lead in and hold the record button for about 5 seconds then release it, you can then pull the video's off it like a memory pen. If you hold the button in too long though you'll get usb device not recognised.

    Solved all sorts of problems.

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    A better way is as suggested, get rid of them. I needed some cameras for doing animation, so instead of hireing the DigiBlues (too costly to by a full set) from the local CLC I bought a set of 18 web cams (£2.99 each from Currys) and use Helium Frog free animation software, brilliant. Plus the cameras also work in Movie Maker. Ok I can't take them away from the computer but we have other normal digital cameras that take movies as well as stills or I could just connect them to our netbooks. Saying all that I did talk to a teacher today who was loving these new DigiBlues (presume she means the Snap onces) but not sure they run them on a network.

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