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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Projector Poles in Technical; Hello All, This is quite a random thought, but I'm hoping someone can help. I have noticed at the side ...
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    Projector Poles

    Hello All,

    This is quite a random thought, but I'm hoping someone can help. I have noticed at the side of the road that new signs are being put up with a sort of hollow girder with cross supports. I'm assuming this is because it's stiffer than a regular cylidrical pole. Can you get this sort of thing for projector mounting rather than a regular pole? On long poles the shake on the projected image is off putting at best and a H&S problem at worst.


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    I think what you describe is what is called in theatres and the like "trussing". I've seen it around, and know of someone (online) who was involved in bringing it in. The big advantage is that it is very light for a given strength, so if you drive into it, it won't kill you as it collapses.

    Tri Lite is a well known, light duty version. Would be fine structurally, and I would think that getting custom plates to mount the projector wouldn't be an insurmountable (groan) problem.

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    I believe the road sign posts you describe are actually designed for improved crash safety. If someone crashes into them then they will collapse much more easily than the older steel pole design, thereby minimising the impact on the vehicles occupants.

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    The problem is often not the pole but the way is is connected to the roof/beams/girders. Its usually a single point mounting with just a couple of bolts. On our old site, the whole building used to shake if students ran down the corridor and the projectors would shake no matter how they were connected - in fact a more flimsy mounting let you have some damping which reduced the shake.

    Have you tried adding some bracing? A length of steel fishing cable from the projector itself up to the ceiling at 45 degrees in all four directions adds a lot of stability and is hardly visible.


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    philwaud is correct it probably is not the pole itself that is causing the problems.

    Stability depends a large number of thngs;

    - Construction of structure the mount is attached to (is the roof solid does the structure move if kids are running about etc...).
    - How mount is attached to structure.
    - Length of the pole.
    - Weight of unit attached to mount.

    There are things you could do to minimise the movement.

    Brace the mount with unistrut and sash clamps (the lower down you attach the unistrut to the pole the better).
    You could use dampening spring washers where the projector fits to the mount. They act like shock absorbers and remove some of the movement.
    If you have solid walls consider swapping out for boom arm mounts instead of ceiling mounts.

    Hope this helps.

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