Hello, I'm after some solutions here.

I'm particularly looking at our Sanyo PLC-XW200 & PLC-XW57 models.

Mainly I want to combat the issue of people messing around in menus - They should only have access to On/Off, and Source. Nothing else (well.. may be auto set too).

Is anyone aware of such a function? the manual only states a pin lock which restricts the whole projector with a pin code, and a remote lock that deactivates the entire remote. Some of our NECs have this, so I was surprised to see what the pin/remote lock meant for the Sanyos ie - useless!

The other related issue is; we didn't/don't have the budget for pixi controllers etc, so it's the original remotes they're using. Is there anything like a cheap programmable drone remote that these could be replaced with where only the functions they need can be programmed in?