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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Projectors Turning off in Technical; Hi there, I visited a school late last week who appeared to be having some nasty troubles with their ceiling ...
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    Projectors Turning off

    Hi there, I visited a school late last week who appeared to be having some nasty troubles with their ceiling mounted InFocus projectors (Infocus IN2102EP).

    Around 4-5 class rooms (all with the same model and make projector) had reported that when turning them on in the morning, they could keep turning themselves off. One teacher reported she had to put it on 8 times in the morning. But once on for a while, they stay on all day.

    This to me suggests power supply. As clearly the bulb is ok or it would have not come on straight away and would not last all day. The bulbs are the originals and have not done many hours <500. The projectors themselves are just over a year old each.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or help on what could be the cause here? They are out of warranty, and are not clogged with dust or have cheap Chinese import bulbs, they have original bulbs.
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    Are they switching them on during classes, we had this at school I used to work at. It was students using stolen remotes.

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    Some projectors turn themselves off when the filters get full or if they start to get too hot due to dust build up.

    Once you have cleaned the filters try resetting the filter warnings via the projector menu and then re-start.


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