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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Wireless IWB - What about Sound? in Technical; I'm sorting out a nicly wireless solution for our Science department, so they can rock up with their laptops and ...
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    Wireless IWB - What about Sound?

    I'm sorting out a nicly wireless solution for our Science department, so they can rock up with their laptops and move around the room.

    So far, I've bought a SMART Board with the Bluetooth module in it, I've got some Wireless VGA kit on order (these) and there is a wireless access point covering the area.

    How do I deal with sound? I've bought the 'built in' speakers that strap to the sides of a SMART Board, but as they've not arrived yet I don't know if they plug into the board or would have a seperate feed. Does anyone know? If they don't get sound through the board (perhaps over the bluetooth?) Any Ideas how to wireless transmit the sound?

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    Wireless/ bluetooth Speakers

    The clip on speakers for Smartboards have their own power supply. With regards to getting audio to them you can either connect via usb or rca which is on the speaker.
    There are blue tooth speakers available although they arnt cheap. i know of a rechargable bluetooth speaker on the market. It has a sender which you plug into your laptop/ mp3 player. The sender then transmits bluetooth up to 30 metres to a circular speaker approx 6" diameter which receives bluetooth and belts out the sound. You can even plug a mic into the receiver for voice rienforcement.

    I hope this helps



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    Quote Originally Posted by jstuttard View Post
    Any Ideas how to wireless transmit the sound?
    Buy an iPad instead, install VNC, control the computer attached to the Smartboard via wireless - all sound and video would work full-speed on the projected display, no need to transmit any of it over wireless:

    Does Such A Thing Exist? (Interactive display)

    To wirelessly transmit just sound, a small, limited-range FM transmitter might do the trick - you can get them on eBay for a few pounds each, they're sold as devices to let people play their MP3 player on their car radio.

    David Hicks

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