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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Canteen TV (or projector) in Technical; We are considering a TV screen in the canteen to display TV and also Videos created by the students. Do ...
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    Canteen TV (or projector)

    We are considering a TV screen in the canteen to display TV and also Videos created by the students.

    Do you have a setup and if so what do you have?

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    We have an LCD connected to a OneLan NTB. Works well! There are cheaper, open source ways however. Search the forum as it's alternatives have been discussed before.

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    We have 3 sony commercial displays all hooked up via hdmi to their own Acer N260G's, these auto login and use showpoint to run a powerpoint. When a change is made to the powerpoint showpoint automatically relaunches it.

    We will probably move to xibo in the future though.


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    There are a huge number of ways of doing this and there are several things you need to consider:

    What is your budget?
    How often is the screen going to be used?
    Is it just TV and video you will be using this for, or would you want to have the ability to use the screen as a display source?
    Where is the screen being located in relation to the source (probably DVD player).

    You would be much better off with a screen over a projector unless you want to go to a size over 50", options are really:

    Cheap option - A standard consumer LCD/Plasma screen.

    Middle of the road options - A commercial LCD panel which will have better warranties and be more robust to extended use.

    Higher end option - Digital signage solution - There are a nuber of options available for this Samsung Magicinfo, Onelan etc... Giving much more flexibility and potential for signage options.

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