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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, varioius projectors - PIN resets in Technical; One of my previous technicians went round the school and entered PIN codes into all our projectors and logged them ...
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    varioius projectors - PIN resets

    One of my previous technicians went round the school and entered PIN codes into all our projectors and logged them into a spreadsheet

    Unfortunately, he did not log them against the physical projector, but against the room they were in at the time

    Since he left a couple of years ago, these projectors have been moved, taken down, etc and we now have a bunch of projectors with PINs but no idea which PIN is for which projector!!
    Also some projectors have PINs that are not even listed on the spreadsheet

    Does anyone know where in the North West we can go to get them reset?

    We hav shed-loads of Hitatchi's, SAnyo's and some Sony's...

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    Dont they have a battery in them like a cmos battery that you can remove for an hour or so and then put it back in or contact the manufacturers or place of purchase and they should be able to advise of a reset method.

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    Try hunting round for the factory reset? Or does that need a pin too? Look up the manual for them, it generally has the "In case of forgotten PIN" fall back somewhere.
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    Hi Gatt,

    If you send me the makes and models of the projectors you are trying to unlock I might be able to get some assistance from the manufacturers for you (should certainly be able to help on the Sanyo's and Hitachi).

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    Hi darren,

    we have a sanyo xe40 with a pin code activated at power up, any info would be helpful to reset it.


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