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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Home Theatre Connections in Technical; Trying to connect up my Sony Home theatre system and would appreciate some help wiring it up correctly to allow ...
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    Home Theatre Connections

    Trying to connect up my Sony Home theatre system and would appreciate some help wiring it up correctly to allow DD sound output. Tried a few combinations but not correct

    I have the following outputs:

    Sony Home Theatre HT-SS1100
    1 x HDMI DVD
    1 x HDMI BD (PS3)
    1 x HDMI out
    1 x Coax DVD (digital)
    1 x Optical DVD

    DVD Sony
    1 x HDMI out
    1 x Coax Digital out

    1 x HDMI
    1 x Optical

    Sky HD
    1 x HDMI
    1 x Optical

    Sony TV
    3 x HDMI in
    1 x Optical out

    Please help!!!

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    Hi not sure of the particular kit your using apart from the PS3 but usually all of the connections (hdmi, digital coax, digital optical) support at least 5.1 sound. I know on the PS3 that to get 7.1 sound you have to use the hdmi connection as digital optical only supports 5.1 (or at least did when I set my system up a while ago). You have to be careful sometimes as although amps have hdmi in and out connections they sometimes only support video and not audio so they are acting like a video only hdmi switch to allow two devices to be connected to one hdmi connector on the tv. I have my PS3 connected to my tv with hdmi for video and sound but also have it connected to my amp with digital optical when I want surround sound. I have the same setup with my home theatre pc and my virgin box. You might also have to make sure you have setup each device to output surround sound and not just stereo as it doesn't always happen automatically. Hope some of that helps


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