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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Coomber CD Writer intermittant fail in Technical; We have a coomber twin CD recorder that is currently having problems finalising some CDs (Just in time for all ...
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    Coomber CD Writer intermittant fail

    We have a coomber twin CD recorder that is currently having problems finalising some CDs (Just in time for all the oral exams, Yay!!)

    When recording direct to CD sometimes it will work and can be played on anything, sometimes it will work but can only be played on some cd players, other times it will say it has worked but will still be blank and sometimes it will not even finalise.

    Also when copying from one drive to another it will do the same sort of thing.

    It will do it with any cd, not just a particular brand.

    Anyone come across this sort of thing before?

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    Their customer service is quite helpful, but not particularly swift and they do repairs at a reasonable rate (though last time I gad one done I had to send it back again!). Unfortunately it sounds like you're on a schedule...

    Could you finalize in a different machine (if you have one)?

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    I put the Coomber created CDR in a PC
    Used isobuster to copy the recorded audio file to the pc.
    Burnt & finalised the copied audio file using the pc.

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    Hi all, first post in these forums, long time edu-worker b ut mainly for a/v related jobs. My experience with coomber has been rather poor over the past 4 years. We bought a batch of red 2016 tape recorders about 7 years ago, and within 2 years they all developed the same issue. They refused to accept it was a faulty batch and although we had a visit from the head honcho himself the issues still remaiined unexplained even though all of the units purchased at the same time developed the same problem.
    Secondly, we foolishly went ahead and bought another 5 of their 363x recorders only to realise they not only didn't include instructions on how to fix a CD , they finally released a PDF which explained how, but now with several media types - it falsely reports that CDs have been fixed which subsequently refuse to play in normal CD players. I have tried countless software to try and fix/finalise these discs/tracks/sessions (which clearly show the session is still open) but to no avail. They still have not acknowledged my email regarding this matter and for nearly £300 a unit I expected more, particularly as these are being used for GCSE/A-Level and IB exams... poor show coomber!

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