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    Camera for home use

    Hello Folks,

    After digitising the videos of my wife and her sister growing up taken by her Dad, we're looking into getting a camcorder for home.

    Can anyone see any real downside between either this £100 jobby (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sanyo-VPC-CG...0666373&sr=1-2) or the Sony equivalents and the more standard £300 units like this one (http://www.amazon.co.uk/JVC-GZ-HD40E...1284063&sr=1-6)

    I think the £100 unit will be more than enough, but I'm not really an AV nut so would appreciate some advice, especially if I'm about to make a cock up and buy something useless.



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    Have you considered a flip camera?

    I've got 1 of these and it works really well:
    Flip Video Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation With 4GB: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

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    Take a browse through Camcorders & Video Editing - AVForums.com

    You will find lots of detail regarding different camera brands & advice when buying; the type & size of image sensor is critical to the quality of recording & like most things in life you tend to get what you pay for.....

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    The JVC model in the more conventional form factor may be easier to get good stable shots with - you can put stabilise it on a table or something a lot more easily for a start.

    Also remember to factor in the sound quality - the pictures aren't everything.

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    Flip cameras tend to be easy to deal with and to integrate with a computer, so if you want something you're likely to carry around with you, they are worth a look. Go for one of their HD ones if you do plump for one. Sanyo do a similar thing ina sort of gun shape called the Xacti. If you think these memories are worth recording at higher quality, I would look out for camcorders which record in AVCHD format, which is high definition, but small file sizes. It's pretty spectacular. I would suggest that you look out for cameras with a mic socket so you have the option of plugging in a better mic, but I know from experience that there aren't many around in that price range. I like the Canon models because the lens is really really good, but JVC and pretty good too and very cheap for the quality you get. Hope that helps.

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