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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Nursery Whiteboard height??? in Technical; We've been trying to suggest steps but they're not having it at all. We're also already pushing the boundaries on ...
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    We've been trying to suggest steps but they're not having it at all. We're also already pushing the boundaries on the projector as it's 77 inches from the floor when the Becta recommended minimum is 88 inches. Looks like it's gonna be expensive :-(

    Having gone around most of our schools now we've noticed that none of our early years boards are any lower than 26 inches so I guess we'll just have to learn from this experience and get explicit instructions before install.

    Every day is a school day :-)

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    Seeing the steps reminded me that, as well as our adjustable board in early years, we also use our portable stage steps in the ICT suite. They are wide, have a hand rail and are perfect for boosting the kids.

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    According to promethean standards you are not supposed to mount the board less than 24 inches from the floor. We have mounted them lower based on the kiddies and height of the teacher ( 4' nothing if memory serves me correctly) But it was with written understanding that if the board ever had to raised or lowered it would be at the schools expense.

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    There are a number of implications in these types of scenarios.

    1. The height othe projector - Under 2m is a real no no so you need to look at key stone ability of projectors
    2. If teachers are using these boards so low down over a prolongued period they will have issues (such as back trouble)
    3. If the projectors are mounted very low there is an issue with the light shining in peoples eyes.

    We tend to suggest height adjustable systems as the best option, steps as another and now as the price is reducing dramatically, touch scren LCD on a height adjustable trolley.You can also suggest things such as wands to help give the kids extra reach.

    If the school insist on having equipment fitted at a bespoke height they should be asked to sign a disclaimer to state that they have requested this and it has not come from the installation company.

    Ultimately however interactive white boards are for the learners to use, that is the point of them, so they do need to be at a useable height for the kids. And when you're dealing with nurseries and primaries this can be difficult.

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    Hi everyone, OK boards can be mounted at any hight but you must realise the angle of the projector is important you must NOT under any circumstances tilt the projector more than 20 deg out of level, this will harm and shorten its life, i have seen many projectors even mounted feet down??????????
    Best baords for early years are +2 and smart vari hight lift unit, this can also be used on other boards clever being a good board as it is indestructable and can be written on with almost anything (good for early years) and can be cleaned.

    Any short throw projector would help you Hitacch 100A, or Epson ultra close range (Epson being preferable to all other in running cost and reliability), if you require further advice i would be pleased to assist you, we fit many of these every week.

    Projector Engineer

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