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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Digital Blue Cameras in Technical; OK So I've just written a nice long post about this, only to find out that my session had expired ...
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    Digital Blue Cameras

    OK So I've just written a nice long post about this, only to find out that my session had expired so message lost!

    Basically, I've just been told that our new digital blue cameras (with the flimsy fold out screens) have never worked (they were bought some time last year). The original ones work fine.

    On investigating further, it appears that there aren't any drivers anywhere (even the ones on the digital blue website don't work).

    Does anyone have a link to ones that do??



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    I'm only familiar with the old type but does these use usb to connect? If so, does the camera appear as an external drive? If it does, see if you can get the video files into Movie Maker and edit them that way. I've done a similar thing but using Premiere Elements. You might have to use a convertor to get them into a format that MM likes.

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    drivers are part of nthe software packages and are different for each generation of db cameras. You can only install one version of db on a pc as well so if pc has db2 a db3 camera will not work and vice versa

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    I had loads of problems getting the drivers to work on the Digiblue 3 which is what you have. Eventually a later CD was released. Version 3.1 and it cured all. If these came from TAG Learning give them a call and the will give you access to the ISO download.

    PM me if you get stuck and I'll try and get you the ISO.

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    I would be very interested in that iso as we have them here. As far as running different versions on the same PC, not had that problem. Got V1 and V2 in another school, just need to start whichever version of software suits that camera and it worked all on the same PC, If you start the wrong software it does give an error.

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