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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, **OPTIMA PROJECTOR OVERHEATING!** in Technical; Hi Guys, We have an Optima DS309 and a slight problem has occurred where the overheat light keeps showing up ...
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    Hi Guys,

    We have an Optima DS309 and a slight problem has occurred where the overheat light keeps showing up 10 seconds after turn on and cuts off the projectors light, fans and everything by the looks and sounds of it leaving just the overheat light on until it is reset and the same process will happen again. Originally we thought the bulb had gone as the bulb blew like they commonly do and naturally we have changed the bulb. I am thinking that maybe the projector has previously overheated but now the bulb issue is sorted, it still thinks there is a fault with it overheating, just like cars do with their engine management systems sometimes.

    Can anybody shed some light on this for us?

    In advance thanks for your help!


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    I Have had the same thing with some NEC projectors in the past. Not 100 percent sure with yours but there was a way to reset the projector. It was a combination of holding down certain buttons when switching it on. I'm sure if you contact the manufacturer they will give you the details you need.

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    need a little more info is it mounted inverted?

    if so i have seen them lose the sensor and it drops down in to the light path causing it to shut down in around 10 mins or so.
    This is not a job for an end user so return to your service support people.

    It can be lamp the lamps are arc lamps and the gap gets bigger with age causing more heat and power requierments also go up, this can cause the PSU (inside) to overheat as well, all of these can be tested easly by any competent engineer on site.

    You might try it on a table feet down to test it if it is an inverted normally projector it may then stay on confirming the sensor problem.
    You can also check to see if airflow is restrcted that means a clearance of more that 1 inch all around the air vent is required make sure this is so in operation.

    One point NEVER reset the lamp hours unless you change the lamp.

    anything else i will try to help you

    Projector Engineer
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    I had some similar probs with several Mitsubishi units and it was the lamp ballast that had gone not the lamp. not worth repairing so replaced them (with Optoma's! )

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    Is your optoma filterless? Have you cleaned the filter recently? (Unlikley I know but a free fix)

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