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To go back just a bit to the original post...since we're in a similar situation...have a need for a video camera that takes MiniDV tape (HD not specifically reqd though).

Looking for something in the £200 - £300 range. Previously used Canon MV's but having trouble finding anything now.

Tape still has it's uses here...PE dept do very little post processing...they like to film the event then put the tape into storage for use the following year. Tape's quite handy when no editing needed. They also have stock of recordings that they don't want to lose (but don't have time or desire to convert).

Would be grateful if anyone could suggest good current supplier for MiniDV cameras?
I think you'll struggle to find anything in that price range, as it is at a consumer pricing level, which, as mentioned earlier, is now very much driven by card based cameras.

You may need to take a step up into the pro-sumer or semi-professional price range to get something decent.

I might have a couple of Sony HDV's up for grabs soon. Hardly used, good as new and only going to be about £2k a piece with batteries, lenses, kit bags and various other goodies if anyone is interested for their school