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    Playback from an IPod?

    I've just been involved in a discussion about using an MP3 player for a school event. I had been under the impression that you couldn't and needed to use original CD's. After having a bit of a poke around on the PPL website I came up with the following which seems to suggest that as long as it's a legit download (eg itunes) then it's legal. Or have I missed something blatent?

    PPL : FAQs

    It might be that we can play legitimate downloads that are on an IPod / MP3 player. The next question then would be. How do we tell if something has been legitimately downloaded? In that case Iím not too sure.


    The following types of music cannot be used for public performance:
    - Illegal Downloads (from P2P Networks etc.)
    - Unlicensed Internet Radio Services
    - Licensed On Demand / Interactive music services (Napster, Yahoo Music etc.). These are services that let users play specific tracks in an order of their choosing or to create customised 'radio' stations playing a range of music / artists they have selected. It is our understanding that such services are only licensed by the record companies for personal individual use and not for public performance use.
    The following sources of music can be used:
    - Legally purchased downloads on condition that the usage complies with the Digital Rights Management (DRM) rules accompanying the download. For example, if the download is restricted to being held and played back from a specific PC or MP3 player, the public performance has to be sourced from that PC or MP3 player. If the download rules allow the track to be burnt to a CD that CD can then be used for public performance in the same way as any conventional commercial CD.
    - Licensed streamed non-interactive Internet radio services (this would include the Internet broadcasts of licensed commercial radio stations such as Capital, XFM etc. as well as Internet only radio services that have proper licences in place).


    Actually looking at the PPL tariff itself

    PPL : Educational Establishments

    With the words in there I would suggest that a hard disc system is an MP3 player.

    This tariff covers:
    >Exercise to music (Aerobics etc.)
    >Background Music, Whether by CD, tape hard disc system etc
    >Special Featured Entertainment Events, inc. School Discos, or music quizzes.
    >Music on Hold
    Background music can be played from different types of machines, such as Background music systems, CD players,
    cassette decks, mini hi-fi systems.


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    Here's a question...

    Does the PPL only cover music purchased by the school for this purpose. Or does it cover a CD that a teacher may choose to bring in from home?

    If the former then the school finance dept should have records for any authorised MP3 download purchases. If not, it can't be played?

    Just a side note - as you mention above - you cannot rip music from CD to MP3. This is actually against copyright law (although largely unenforced and due for change). It comes under 'transfer of media'. The same as copying a VHS to DVD. There is no provision for 'fair use'.

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    Interesting thought.

    I was going with the idea that because you were not changing the format of the media or changing the device or making another copy then you could actually use the content whoever actually "purchased" the material. The material has not been altered in any way and while the device was in school the original purchaser did not have the capability to use it. In the same way as you "loaning" a book for someone to read, you do not keep a copy to read on the sly, whilever it's elsewhere you don't have any rights to the original.

    But I am definately open to other suggestions on this.

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    ooh PPL covers Music on Hold does it, hmmmm that gives me ideas I fancy Elton John on the hold music I'm bored of the classical junk we have (and I'm sure some on here are fed up of it when I put them on it when the SLT call me right in the middle of things and I need to speak to 2 people at once!)

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