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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Sky Magic Eye Problem in Technical; Hi there, I have come across a little problem and just wondered if someone could help me? I have a ...
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    Sky Magic Eye Problem

    Hi there,
    I have come across a little problem and just wondered if someone could help me?
    I have a professionally installed television Ariel system in my house, which feeds the signal from the Ariel into the lounge, then into the spare bedroom, then into the main bedroom. I can see my sky picture on the screen but its very fuzzy and I can't seem to clear the picture up. I have added a signal booster, but It isn't a skylink booster! will I need a skylink booster as I have heard of them but don't know what they are (they may not be anything to do with this - if so class me as a fool and ignore me on that bit haha). I also have a magic eye which I want to connect up but this doesn't work either.
    Emergency Please help, girlfriend wants to watch that Darren Brown thing in bed tonight and she aint gonna be happy with the picture!!!!!!

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    That Derrin Brown thing has finished - I know jack all abot TV's - sorry mate, hope she didn't go too nutz!!

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    Ok Skylink, it needs 5 volts to work from the second out of your sky unit, if you use an amp for your signal most will not pass the five volts to enable the skylink to work, so you need one that is compatable and allows the 5v to pass through, your poor signal looks like you may have a poor connection as well this will also stop the 5v from getting to the skylink, make sure your coaxe plugs have the center pin soldred a good engineer will always do this but when fitted by a friend or a home fit, it is often disregarded as not being important, trust me this is important and makes a huge differance to the signal.


    PS Derren Brown was very good .......

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