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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Graphics card - setup to clone automatically? in Technical; Over the summer I installed a graphics card (8400GS) with 2 video outputs into a computer hooked up to a ...
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    Graphics card - setup to clone automatically?

    Over the summer I installed a graphics card (8400GS) with 2 video outputs into a computer hooked up to a projector (previously it used a video splitter); this has the benefits of freeing up a plug socket, less cables and slightly better performance on graphics intensive apps.

    It seems when a fresh account logs on, it defaults to setting it up on "extended" screen. I thought logging in as admin and setting the nvidea settings to clone that it would take affect for all users logging in, but this isn't the case. I'm having to change this for each new profile that logs on to the computer! Is there a way to make this automatic on station startup or even upon login?

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    Use 'RegShot' to see which registry key is being changed.

    Take a backup of the c:\documents and setting\default user folder

    The use the load hive function in regedit to load the ntuser.dat in c:\documents and settings\default user (this is a hidden folder). You'll be asked to give this hive a name call it anything you like (Percy is a nice name). Apply the same registry settings to the default user hive (not the .default hive, the that might be called Percy). Then unload the hive.

    If you're using mandatory profiles make the changes to the mandatory profile instead (if you're doing this post back, there are a few snags). If you're using roaming profiles your best option is to make an ADM (which I've never got the hang of) or use the REG WRITE command in one of your logon scripts.

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