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    Smartboards / Speakers / Projectors

    Hi all,

    I've various questions regarding SmartBoards/Speakers/Projectors etc., I was hoping people could help me with.

    We are planning to mount 3 or 4 portable SB560 SmartBoards before the end of the Summer (time's running out...) to accompany existing ceiling mounted projector installations. We have purchased some mounting kits to do this (not arrived yet). Does anyone have any experience of this? The reason is that the portable boards didn't get used very much while they were err... portable.

    One of our ceiling mounted projectors installs doesn't have wall-mounted speakers, can anyone recommend any? I'd prefere USB powered speakers, as the mains socket is quite far (about 2-3M away). I've seen some Smart ones for £223, but that is way too expensive. Can we legally mount mains powered speakers?

    One of our SmartBoards (i680, I think) had never worked; it has a pin hole (literally - hole cuased by a pin) directly in the centre. Can anyone recommend a fix, or should we just throw it into the bin? (I mean have it collected by WEEE registered recycler).

    Basically, the aim is to get as many SmartBoards fully working and useable before the start of term, but by doing most of the work ourselves, to save cost. Although, we have been allocated £2,000 for some work. I guess thats enough for one projector install (with SmartBoard...? probably not quite enough!)

    Any other recommendations?



    Leeds, UK.

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    Hi yes i have experiance in all of the above, lets deal with the esiest first, yes you can mount speakers and plug them in to a wall socket i recomend active speakers like the ones fited with active boards.

    Portable smartboards are no problem to wall mount, they have a plastic hanging bracket screwed to the wall and the board just hangs on it only problem with smart is they will not supply the bottom baracket without a whiteboard but will supply the top one?????? you can use top one only but it will have movement.

    The pin hole may have broken one of the wires in the board very unlucky if it has, chances of hitting a wire must be same as winning the lottery maybe you should buy a ticket.

    Marc Engineer

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