We're a secondary school, and looking at buying some new wireless gear for productions, assemblies, large classes, dance/drama (Aerobics gear) and similar.

I've seen this stuff about requiring licenses from the JFMG for wireless devices for this type of use, but frankly I can't see how/why they can get away with charging what they are, which appears to be £672 PER FREQUENCY, PER YEAR!
Now we already have radio's for communications across the school, plus a school-wide wireless network (on 2.4GHz G wireless), along with 4-6 wireless sets we already use. We were looking at getting another 10 UHF radio mic's, and at that cost £7000 per year just to use them, I cannot believe everyone else pays this amount.

Any information people can give on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

-Do we need to buy these licenses, per frequency per year?
-Are we covered by some generic license to use them?
-Is there some cheaper alternative to this? I know other schools and organisations that have these devices, and I frankly cannot believe people are paying nearly £700 per year each on these.

Neil Fisher