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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Display for foyer presentation in Technical; Big TV 32" plus is more than enough and costs a lot less than a dedicated monitor of equivalent size....
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    Big TV 32" plus is more than enough and costs a lot less than a dedicated monitor of equivalent size.

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    We are using a mixture of 42" LCD TVs and projectors for our digital signage project. We also have some 50" Plasmas we put in some of the smaller classrooms instead of projectors. These plasma are driven at their native resolution of 1360x768 via the VGA input, but we are having occasional problems with one of them where the cable length is around 15m, so will probably have to move it or invest in a decent VGA over CAT5 extender.

    Some of the latest large screen TVs only have HDMI and no VGA inputs, so watch out for these. Also beware of some of the amazing offers on large screen plasmas at the moment, where you may find the native resolution is only 1024x768.

    Although the EeeBoxes we use can't play back HD video, they can make use of the full HD 1920x1080 resolution for displaying powerpoint slides, pictures etc. It's good to drive them at the full resolution in locations where people get close to the screen, becuase it does then avoid it looking fuzzy or pixellated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hacksawbob View Post
    What screens do people use for this sort of use? theres plenty of really big monitors out there But I am aware that it pays to get the resolution of the driving device to match the output on the monitor, can VGA mobos really match the performance of these 40-50" monitors without upsampling being done by the monitor, I'd hate to spend all that dosh and have that fuzziness you get when the bits dont talk nicely to each other. I understand there is a lot of BS regarding HD, ie need to get the output device matching the input to see any real improvement over VGA/DVI

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