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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Touch Screen Panel - "Freeze" Option gone in Technical; During the Summer we have replaced some of the older Interactive Whiteboards with large LED Touch screen panels. Although these ...
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    Touch Screen Panel - "Freeze" Option gone

    During the Summer we have replaced some of the older Interactive Whiteboards with large LED Touch screen panels. Although these are great, I cannot see any function to "Freeze" the screen like you could with a projector. This is so the Teacher can work on the computer while displaying class stuff on the other screen. I realise I could just change the setup to Extended Desktop but at this point I think it would confuse the teachers.

    Does anyone know if any other ways around this maybe know if software that we can use to do a similar affect?


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    I looked at this in the past and couldn't really find any acceptable solutions. You really need it built into the panel. Maybe the panel manufacturer will have an upgrade option in the future, though I know it does change the design of the graphic decoder board. Some displays offer freeze frame as standard, notably the market leaders CTOUCH and Clevertouch.

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    what panel have you bought?

    most brands should have freeze frame and blank as standard, preferably both on the remote and on the bezel. Some manufacturers have firmware upgrades for this, was discussed on here a while back so worth checking.

    many brands are becoming available, ranging in quality.

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    The SMART 6065 has completely done away with the remote control (for reasons very much unknown to anyone), taking away any freeze option. Many of the manufacturers have the option "Still" on the remote, which is what they have called "Freeze".

    It depends what brand you have opted for however


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    Freeze has been standard for a while on all the major brands. Looking at the new BenQ 70" currently and has freeze / blank on the remote and on the screen. As far as i'm aware there’s no affordable 3rd party option to add freeze functionality, so you would be reliant on the manufacturer releasing a firmware upgrade.

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