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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Twitter & Displays in Technical; Hi All, We have a official school twitter account and I want something that I can use which nicely presents ...
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    Twitter & Displays

    Hi All,

    We have a official school twitter account and I want something that I can use which nicely presents tweets from the account. This is to be displayed on the display screens in the sixth form centre. Not wanting hashtags but @ notices from the account.

    Any one got any ideas?

    Thanks, Steve
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    I'm using Xibo to display an RSS feed pulled from a Twitter account for our school district.

    I generate the RSS feed using a Perl script that is running as a scheduled task on the Xibo server.

    You'll need Perl, Net::Twitter, Data::Dumper and XML::RSS installed as well as an application created at http://dev.twitter.com

    Here's the Perl script:
    Fill in your OAuth details from your Twitter Dev application and enter the account to follow.

    use Net::Twitter;
    use Scalar::Util 'blessed';
    use Data::Dumper;
    use XML::RSS
    binmode(STDOUT, ":utf8");
    my $rss = XML::RSS->new(version => '1.0');
      title        => "My Twitter",
      link         => "https://twitter.com/MyTwitter",
      description  => "My Twitter Feed",
      dc => {
        date       => '2000-08-23T07:00+00:00',
        subject    => "My Twitter",
        creator    => 'creater@domain.com',
        publisher  => 'publisher@domain.com',
        rights     => 'Copyleft',
        language   => 'en-us',
    my $screen_name="fillMeIn!";
    my $nt = Net::Twitter->new(
        traits                => [qw/OAuth API::RESTv1_1/],
        consumer_key        => "enter",
        consumer_secret     => "your",
        access_token        => "keys",
        access_token_secret => "here",
    my $result = $nt->user_timeline({screen_name => $screen_name, count => "10" });
    for my $tweet ( @$result ) {
        last unless @$result;
        print "$tweet->{text}\n";
                title       => "Title1",
                link        => "http://mydomain.com",
                description => "$tweet->{text}",
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    We display our twitter feed on the college website using the advice given here https://dev.twitter.com/docs/tfw

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    I use the 140dev Phirehose library (140dev Twitter Framework – Free Source Code Library) which monitors the public timeline, so that we can include hashtag searches, @Mentions etc in a single feed... but more importantly, can moderate the entries so that on any match an email goes to admin (me) and I can then approve the listing before it gets displayed live around the site (just to prevent any kiddywinks spamming any hashtags etc to look clever). The whole moderation portion isn't part of the library - just something v.basic & thrown together in PHP... but functional.

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