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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Recommend me a projector in Technical; Originally Posted by laserblazer We are now using Epson EB x20s. The Quick Corners setup is magic. We just started ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by laserblazer View Post
    We are now using Epson EB x20s. The Quick Corners setup is magic.
    We just started with these.

    We are mostly a Epson site. X11s are great. X20 are great with hdmi input aswell. (I think)

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    Installed 4 epson eb470 ust projectors with our 2 caretakers. Much easier than ceiling mount and as long as you use the supplied template fairly easy to fit. The only problem we found is what to do with the extra long cabling if replacing existing long throw units, but our friend Mr. Trunking is great at hiding it all.

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    Starting to put in X20s into our place after years and years of NECs. We have put 2 in already (they replaced NEC VT37) and amazed by the image quality. We were the converted when we bought a X11. The brightness and clarity of it was outstanding for the price. Also with all the different inputs was a plus. Was convienced by the W18s but budget wouldnt let be buy 6 or 7 of them. We have some NEC NP200 projectors which have started to get the white dots on due to the - forgot the name of the chip - which controls thr tiny mirrors in the projectors. Cost to replace on of these chips, £500… waiting to replace this projector so we can take it apart and see how easy it is to replace this chip.
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    EB-X20 and EB-W18s here too.

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    Casio XJ 130m or the Samsung SPF150 for us

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