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    Smart Board - Smart Ink not running

    Hi Everyone we are having issues with our smartboard's Smartink. Smartink is set via GPO to run at user login Ė and doesnít, Iíve had limited success with adding Smartink.exe to the startup items in the registry.

    I have seen some machines where the process starts but there is also SMARTInk-SBSDKProxy.exe and SMARTInkPriviledgedAccess.exe running at the same time, but nothing showing that the user can interact with.

    Iíve not been able to find what the SBSDKProxy does, every search Iíve done online just gives me loads of sites saying that itís part of SMART and not a threat.

    If anyone could help would be grateful.



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    What happens if you run smart ink from the desktop or start menu icon? Does it run?

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    Hey. We dont have to use gpo to get it to start it is set to start in the settings.

    But we have noticed that smartink only likes to run once on a computer. By that I mean it doesn't like switching users. You can only have one user logged on at once.

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