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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, A Few Projector Questions in Technical; Just a few Questions on projectors. The ones in my school have been up for at least 4 years if ...
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    A Few Projector Questions

    Just a few Questions on projectors.

    The ones in my school have been up for at least 4 years if not longer they are so. They are NEC vt595's

    I am now starting to have a few problems with them.

    1. One is starting to flicker, other then checking the wires what else could this be.
    2. Another one has a new bulb installed but is shutting down every 5 mins with a lamp error ( 6 cycle)
    3. They are now looking faint, or have like a burnt patch in the middle of the display.

    How long do projectors last roughly?
    And what would be a good replacement?

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    1. Check if the flicker still happens when no video cables are connected, otherwise I don't know. Maybe swap test a bulb from the same model
    2. Clean filters and maybe swap test a bulb
    3. You can try giving them an internal clean as dust does get onto mirrors, just don't touch the light assembly and clean it without taking any individual mirrors out in case you put them back in back to front. The burnt patch one is screwed I think. It might be where the projector been left on or it could just be old age.

    Projectors probably last 7-8 years I guess maybe more if you are lucky and look after them well.
    A lot of schools are now going for Casio LED projectors due to having no bulbs and a 5 year guarantee.

    Hope this helps

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