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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Laptop keeps disconnecting from projector in Technical; Bit of a weird one, We have a compac Laptop with win 7 on. Using the VGA out we have ...
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    Laptop keeps disconnecting from projector

    Bit of a weird one, We have a compac Laptop with win 7 on.
    Using the VGA out we have this connected to a projector I have F4 and mirrored the display to the projector everythings fine then 5-10 mins after you get the noise (like when you unplug a usb stick ) and the projector stops displaying the laptop. The laptop is still on, no screensaver set power saving to sleep 10 hours. if you F4 and mirror the display again it works again for a short about of time.. any ideas

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    Does it do the same on different projectors? Can you output on a hdmi port to see if this acts differently? Have you tried reinstalling the graphics driver? If none of these ideas help I would say it is a dodgy vga port.

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    Yes I am with Zourous on this one, Sounds like a Port or Cable issue.

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