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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Hall Projector Wobble in Technical; Originally Posted by john Is that Unistrut actually fastened to the beams? I thought that, but then revised my view. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Is that Unistrut actually fastened to the beams?
    I thought that, but then revised my view. I think I can see a pair of bolt heads in the second picture.

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    Tension wires sound like a good option. If you could bring projector forward there are I-beam clamps for poles that may be better to hang directly below beam. Another option that maybe more rigid is a scaffold pole clamped between the beams and a pole clamp hanging projector on that. I had some projectors in rooms hung from scaffold poles clamped to I-beams. Not sure I'd go for short throw option though. I've encountered issues with short throw onto hanging screens because any screen sway in a draft or curl in the screen gives amplified distortion of image due to the steep throw angle so I'd prefer to use long throw projectors on pull down screens.

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    Thank you for all your feedback and solutions it is appreciated, tension wires and a clamp sound like the best option.
    Feedback from the supplier was if the pole was shortened and the uni struts were reinforced this would solve the problem!
    Question:how would this work when the keystone was adjusted? i adjusted the keystone and the keystone is limited,this option will not work as i don't want to sacrifice a quality image just so it will fit on the screen!
    Thinking about it makes sense for the AV supplier/installer to use the correct installation materials/projector and measure up before hand as this will result in a better solution for US the customer as this will be hanging in the hall for years to come.

    This has and is a learning curve for future projects, will definitely need to find some additional suppliers and add them to my contact list, the problem i have found over the 10 years working in schools is the ICT supplier will nearly always sub-contract the work out, what i need is an AV specialist and a company that can fully understand the schools need with regards to ICT server/computer installations and configurations (any recommendations please please please).

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