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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Home surveillance camera. in Technical; I had the side of my car keyed last night outside my house Which is annoying of course but a ...
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    Home surveillance camera.

    I had the side of my car keyed last night outside my house

    Which is annoying of course but a bit weird, as earlier in the day I was looking at options for putting some cameras up...

    Anyway, as always the choice is bewildering, some of the prices staggering and the options

    I'd appreciate it if anyone had some solid advice.

    I'm looking for something that won't break the bank obviously, something that won't require me to leave a pc running 24/7, something that will be able to produce an image clear enough to recognise a face, preferably able to do nightvision.

    Something simple like uploading a snapshot to a website, when detecting movement would be good (I'm not looking for 24 hour full HD CCTV monitoring).


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    I have one of each of these...

    Security CCTV IP Network Camera Dome 1920*1080P 2.0 Megapixel HD IR Weatherproof | eBay
    Dericam 2MP HD 1080p Security Outdoor CCTV IP IR Camera H206C TM Gray | eBay

    Both are great cameras, all over IP to a milestone server (HP Microserver running free Milestone)

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    I would recommend a dedicated CCTV system, that way once it is installed and configured you can just forget about it. Likewise if your ISP goes down or your router falls over you will still have security. I bought a not so cheap swann system, installed set to record on motion detection and has night vision. If anything happens I have a nice HD video of when, where, what and more importantly who . Hooked upto the TV so makes a great video entry device so I can be lazy (or ignore the inlaws dropping by) Network enabled so I can sit at work and take a look or just use the smartphone app. Worth considering there are cheaper options on ebay that are just as good but depends if your willing to wait on delivery?

    CCTV Kits - CCTV and Security | Maplin - The Electronics Specialist

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    Storage Options Homeguard 4ch 2cam 500gb | Ebuyer.com

    I have installed the above in peoples homes for them, however at home I run Geovision, Cameras and DVR (Zeus). Remotely accessible via internet on phone or pc.

    Brilliant system.

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